A social network dataset on 2015 Paris attacks

The dataset is collected in 2 phases from Twitter:
1: In this phase, the tweets containing one of the #PrayForParis or #ParisAttacks hashtags posted in the period from Nov. 13, 2015 to Dec 3, 2015 are collected in five intermittent days from Nov. 17 to Dec. 5.
2: The data related to the users whose tweets were gathered in Phase 1, is collected in this phase.
Totally, a number of 1,792,454 tweets in Phase 1 and the data from 59,133 users in Phase 2 were accumulated.
The file is a backup from MS SQL Server.
download dataset
For more information contact Behzad Rezaie on gmail: behzadrezaie11

A set of miscellaneous source codes are available here.